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In September, after Rensselaer County's Schaghticoke Fair and Labor Day Holiday, the District holds its annual Fall Fish Stocking Sale.  During mid-May, the Spring Fish Stocking Sale is available.  These sales are open to the public to purchase various types of freshwater fish species to stock for recreational and/or wildlife habitat improvement purposes. 

The 2020 Fall Fish Order Form will be available soon.  This order form changes annually with price changes and fish type availability.  Payment for the fish orders are due prior to pick up and is accepted in the form of Cash or Check.  DEC Fish Stocking Permits are altered periodically but generally remain the same. Stocking Permits are valid for 5 years after they are obtained from the DEC and can be presented to the District for future purchases while they are valid. 

A link to the most current Fish Order Form and the NYC DEC Fish Stocking Permit Application is provided below. If you would rather have a copy of the Order Form or Permit Application mailed to you, please contact the Rensselaer County SWCD today at: (518) 271-1740 Ext. 3.

The above photograph is of Saige Myers, local 4Her, picking up freshwater fish to stock the lake she  lives on in Rensselaer County.  

Fathead Minnow

NYS DEC Fish Stocking Permit Application (PDF Format)

Depending on availability, this is generally what fish we offer for sale below:

Large Mouth Bass

Channel Catfish

Rainbow Trout

Brook Trout

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