Equipment Rental Program

No-Till Drill Rental Program

For rent to Rensselaer County residents from the District is our Haybuster 107c No-Till Drill.  



Use it to plant small grains, legumes, and grasses on your fields while saving the time, money, and labor costs associated with tillage operations. By switching to No-Till, you also help conserve and build soil organic matter, improve soil moisture, reduce soil erosion, reduce soil crusting, and potentially reduce the amount of fertilizer lost and needed each season due to improved soil conditions.  Click here to view the No-Till Drill Rental flyer.

Also Insured Policy for Renting the No-Till Drill:

Going forward, in order to rent any district equipment, such as our No-Till Drill, you will need to have the Rensselaer Soil and Water Conservation District, 61 State St., Troy, NY 12180 named as also insured on your liability and property insurance for this specific piece of equipment.  To download our office memo with details, please click here on our Also Insured Policy and Cover Crop Program.











Tree Planter Rental Program

The District owns a Whitfield Tree Planter (click here for a video), seen below, available for loan.  District staff can also deliver and pick-up this equipment.  Contact our office or Howie Miller at or (518) 380-0674 for delivery of this rental equipment.

2020 Cover Crop Program

Click here to see the 2020 Cover Crop Program flyer.  The program is available to dairy farmers applying a cover crop to corn silage crop acreage. The Rensselaer County SWCD is offering a flat fee reimbursement of $12/acre for the rental of the County Haybuster No-till Grain Drill or help cover the cost of seed per acre to qualifying farmers. This process will help improve soil properties while conserving nutrients, reducing compaction and helping preserve soils on highly erodible land (HEL) to ultimately protect water resources within the county.

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